woensdag 30 mei 2012

'Distilled Dreams'

'Dr Jung, professor Freud'

'Meanwhile at Hofmann's laboratory' 

 'The Spectacular Art Robbery!'

'The Arrival (Haile Massive)' 

'The Cult Leader'

'Suffer, you're born to suffer'

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

vrijdag 4 mei 2012

'An ongoing project of distilled dreams'

 'Upwellling' pencil on paper

 'The Hills' pencil on paper

 'No title' pencil on paper

'Smoke City' pencil on paper

 'A big day's coming' pencil on paper

'Must not sleep, must warn others' pencil on paper

 'No title' pencil on paper

 'It's been emotional' pencil on paper

 'No title' pencil on paper

'No title' pencil on paper

 'Suppression breeds violence!' pencil on paper

 'Sputnik Romantika (installation view)' pencil on paper

 'Asbestos' pencil on paper

 'Such a troubled soul' pencil on paper

 'The rest was history' pencil on paper

'No title' pencil on paper

August Strindberg 1849 – 1912

”In my fireplace I burn coals which, because of their round and regular shape, are called “monks’ heads.” One day when the fire is nearly extinguished I take out a mass of coal of fantastic shape. It resembles a cock’s head with a splendid comb joined to what looks like a human trunk with twisted limbs. It might have been a demon from some mediaeval witches’ Sabbath.

The second day I take out again a fine group of two gnomes or drunken dwarfs, who embrace each other while their clothes flutter in the wind. It is a masterpiece of primitive culture.

 The third day it is a Madonna and Child in the Byzantine style, of incomparable beauty of outline. After I have drawn copies of all three in black chalk, I place them on my table. A friendly painter visits me; he regards the three statuettes with growing curiosity, and asks who has” made” them. In order to try him, I mention the name of a Norwegian sculptor. ” No,” he says,” I should rather be inclined to ascribe them to Kittelsen the famous illustrator of the Swedish legends.”

donderdag 3 mei 2012

Georges Bataille 1897 - 1962

'I believe that truth has only one face: that of a violent contradiction.'


Sigmund Freud, (1856 – 1939)

'Der Traum ist (aIso) eine Psychose, mit allen Ungereimtheiten, Wahnbildungen, Sinnest√§uschungen einer solchen.'